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    SolaHart Roof Sensor
    SolaHart Roof SensorSolaHart Roof SensorSolaHart Roof Sensor


    We carry just about every type of sensor possible to fix your solar hot water system. Because this is all we do this means your system will be fixed quickly and correctly. Unfortunately solar hot water system roof and tank sensors are not all the same. They are often confused with one another. It is not uncommon to go to a repair where the wrong sensor has been installed because this is what had been supplied. We have spent years working on fixing solar hot water systems. We are always researching new products that come to the market to extend our knowledge to help you.

    Solar Hot Water Repairs Qld repair solar hot water systems on the Sunshine Coast but also from Brisbane to Hervey Bay. For all solar hot water enquiries please call 0455 265 539 or email


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