Salmson NSB 04-15

Stock Replacement Parts

We carry a huge range of solar hot water circulating pumps. Solar Hot Water Repairs will repair or replace any brand of solar hot water system or hot water system. We are mainly based on the Sunshine Coast and can easily fix system in a wide range of areas.

  • Salmson NSB 04-15

    Salmson NSB 04-15

    Because we carry a full range of Salmson circulating pumps including spare cartridges we can easily fix your solar hot water system. Once we have had a look at your system we will either replace this pump or introduce you to a few others options that are now available. We carry a full range of solar hot water replacement parts and accessories in our vehicles. This allows us to show you the full range of options to repair your solar hot water system in the first visit.

    Solar Hot Water Repairs QLD repair solar hot water systems on the Sunshine Coast but also from Brisbane to Hervey Bay. For all solar hot water enquiries please call 0455 265 539 or email


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