Grundfos 15-65 B

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We carry a huge range of solar hot water circulating pumps. Solar Hot Water Repairs will repair or replace any brand of solar hot water system or hot water system. We are mainly based on the Sunshine Coast and can easily fix system in a wide range of areas.

  • Grundfos 15-65 B

    Grundfos 15-65 B



    We use the Grundfos Solar 15-65 B for closed loop and open loop solar hot water systems. Plumbing repairs on the saxon system can be tricky but we have had plenty of experience in fixing these systems over the last 8 to 9 years. 

    The Grundfos 15-5B circulating pump was bought into the country and used with the Saxon closed loop Solar Power SP4002 solar hot water system. It has a higher head capacity then the Grundfos Solar 15-20 CIL. The Grundfos 15-20 CIL is not a suitable replacement pump for the Viking pump used in the Solar Power SP4002 hot water system.

    Saxon solar hot water systems are no longer made. However, we have managed to secure a quantity of the Grundfos Solar 15-65 B circulating pumps as replacement parts. This pump can be used with similar solar hot water systems made by Solar Power and Solar Land that made use of the Saxon tank.


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